A dog food review.


This is a sponsored post although all views noted are those of my own unless otherwise stated.

When I was offered the opportunity to review a, typically, high end dog food I thought this would be a great opportunity to see what the difference actually is. For some reason I had always been under the illusion that this kind of food was reserved for the thorough breeds of the world. The type of dogs who’s owners enter them into shows to win “best breed”. It had never been something that had actually crossed my mind when we initially got Lochlan as a puppy. It generally isn’t something I’ve thought about because, for the most part, I assumed all dog food was the same and done the same thing. Either way Lochlan was a puppy and anything that can fit in his mouth, he can chew, then swallow was fair game for him. If he could do that then he would love it.

Before I agreed to reviewing this I decided to look into it a little further to see what the difference actually was. Apparently higher quality foods are more beneficial to your dog in the long and short term. I found this particularly surprising because I definitely just want the best for Lochlan, especially as he is still growing!

Hill’s state that their food is specifically formulated to support immunity and mobility in puppies and have “clinically proven” antioxidants and DUA from fish oils – sounds pretty promising thus far!

On the Hill’s website I noted that there were only 8 reviews in total, all of which were 5 star ratings, so I made my way over to Pets at Home which had 10 reviews, again these were all 5 stars. It began sounding too good to be true so decided to take myself where you can always rely on truth and honesty! I took myself over the amazon! Out of all the reviews, mainly 5 stars, there was only two 1 star reviews. One of which was complaining of the price and the other claiming the food made their dog hyper, this review was posted in 2014 and was the only of their kind. So it seems likely that the recipe may have been improved since then or this was a one off occurrence.

So with a semi well equipped knowledge I decided to give this food a go. As soon as I had picked it up I gave Lochlan a generous helping which he proceeded to destroy within seconds. I made the unfortunate mistake of leaving out the food briefly which resulted in my Siberian, Fyodor, knocking it to the ground and tearing it open (FYI cats really enjoy it too!). Due to only having a small amount it’s difficult to form an opinion of the benefits because I don’t think short term use would be noticeable in such a short amount of time. I can say, however, that Lochlan enjoyed it and Fyodor enjoyed it. It is likely I will purchase this food even if there was no benefits but solely for the fact that my dog loved it!

Buy this product here Hills puppy food.

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