5 short term goals

To continue with my self discovery journey I’ve selected this question to write about as I currently have numerous short term goals whilst I’m stuck indoors with my broken ankle. All these goals I’ve carefully determined that they are achievable whilst I’m stuck inside; I may even make a similar post when I am fully recovered and able to venture outside.

Write more

I have recently just overcome a massive block in the flow of my creative juices. I feel a renewed sense of desire in regards to writing. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m going to post everything I write in my blog. I’ve noticed I’ve been writing in my personal journal more recently, I’ve been adding things to the scrap book my friend made us for our engagement, and I’ve even scribbled out several ideas for the short stories I’ve been wanting to write for years. I’m going to dedicate at least 45 minutes a day to write – even if that means just scribbling nonsense. I’m confident that will be a sure fire way to reignite my love for writing and really improve my style of writing.

Meditate daily

I generally do this at night before I go to sleep, or so I can fall asleep. I don’t feel that I receive the entire benefit that comes with meditation and would rather do this during the day where I can experience the entire benefits of it.

I’m going to endeavour throughout the rest of my recovery to practice meditation regularly during the day. Just to soothe my tired soul and keep myself grounded.


I know for certain that this goal is completely achievable because it’s pretty much a sure thing, in my case. I do, however, want to recover much faster than what has been advised, which may not be so attainable. Plus with my partner basically being the strictest non-nurse nurse I’ve ever come across creates some barriers for that. I’ve to remain in this moon boot for the next four weeks but I’m hoping that I may be able to walk sooner than that.

The bone is recovering but the damage to the tendons and ligaments have been quite gnarly so whenever I take the moon boot off I’m still plagued with severe pain and the inability to walk.

Read more

I’m slowly but surely getting more involved with my kindle, especially since my injury and being trapped in the house. Last year I tried to take on the 52 in 52 challenge but failed miserable. Due to a bout of depression related lack of motivation. This was particularly shitty considering I used to be able to average a book every day or so and to be met with no motivation or desire to read. I found it really stunted my creativity and my ability to imagine things. Hopefully during my respite and recovery I can manage to reestablish my love for reading and complete a more modest task of 20 books within the year, 3 of which I have already finished!

Clean, tidy, and organise

Everyone who knows me is well aware of the fact I love stuff in general. I love having objects and my house has become cluttered with stuff. As you can tell I’ve been watching Marie Kondo and have a massive urge to organise my entire house. At the start of the week I did begin this but it has fallen down to the wayside for now. Mark my words internet it will be complete by the end of the week!

Unfortunately these goals aren’t exciting and I guess there isn’t really a lot that I can do.

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