A reflective account of 2018 and plans for 2019

This post is more than likely a bit belated, considering it is now February! Unfortunately I am signed off work at the moment and therefore shall be getting back in touch with my blog and intend to have more posts ready throughout the next 4 weeks that I’ll be stuck in the house!

2018 involved adopting my sweet fur baby, getting engaged to the love of my life, and buying our first home together. It has been such an exhilarating year which I have thoroughly enjoyed!

I’ve felt a good sense of personal development in the past year and feel that I am, eventually, becoming comfortable and happier with the person I’ve become.

Here’s a brief list of my 2018 highlights!

  • We bought a house! We are officially home owners and have spent much of 2018 turning our house into a home. It has brought a whole new dynamic to our relationship and has only proven that he is the only person I wish to spend the rest of my life with!

  • We got a cat! I was night shift which resulted in Daniel travelling all the way to Peterborough to collect our sweet fur child. A 7th generation Siberian Forest cat who has brought us nothing but pure joy! Keeping with his Russian roots we called him Fyodor!

  • We travelled! Not extensively in the grand scheme of things. We went to Sorrento for two weeks and then spent time in Berlin for the annual BMW skate marathon, which Daniel has competed in twice and managed to beat his time!

  • We got engaged! He popped the question after we had spent some time out in Edinburgh Daniel then tied the ring around Fyodor’s neck – so maybe I’m actually marrying the cat? Either way the answer was, obviously, yes! We have set a date and booked a venue and are marrying next year!

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Although 2019 is still in it’s early day I feel the same overwhelming optimism that this year promises great things for me. I am currently housebound with a broken ankle which isn’t entirely exciting; in fact it is incredibly boring. I’m not letting this dampen a great start to my year.

I’m generally cathartic during the start of a new year but never really optimistic on what it may have in store for me. I do feel that this year will live up to my expectations of being excellent.

The next few weeks I will be determining the future of my blog and if there will be any form of “theme” that I will stick to. I have some ideas of potential series that I may do so stay tuned!

Have Instagram? I am participating in the 365 project! Posting every day for the entire year! Feel free to follow my progress !

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