March goals

I cannot believe how fast these months are flying in; except January which seemed never ending. The majority of the first two months of 2018 has been spent moving into our new house and decorating, two of the most stressful things on the planet. Thankfully now we are settling in and getting used to life as a duo and I can now focus on things I want to accomplish this month!

I’ve had a very overwhelming feeling that I am not accomplishing as much this year as I set out to and I’ve been constantly reassuring myself that this year had only just began. I have been reflecting on everything that has happened so far and I am accomplished thus far!

I obviously want to get my finger out and blog more. I’m going to actually sit down and sort out some form of plan because even though my life is not in the slightest chaotic; my head is!

  • Write more – it’s not hard to see that I’ve been neglecting my blog. I don’t have a regular schedule and I reckon if I focussed and made one I would be somewhat more successful with this blog. I really want to continue with actually writing more fiction; I have a massive folder of ideas written it’s just getting the motivation to actually take action and do something.
  • Keep keto conscious – I’ve only lapsed once and that was due to being night shift. Everyone gets a takeaway at one point and I obviously didn’t pass this up. I feel that I have enough strength to keep this up though. I’ve been thrown out of keto a few times but I’ve noticed that I can get back into keto pretty quickly due to being fat adapted!
  • Join and actually go to a gym – I’m a serial gym joiner but never attending. By having personal training though I feel like I would actually be comfortable going and doing what my PT has suggested for me. I’m pretty determined to get my fitness and lung capacity up!
  • Be frugal – without noticing I’ve been pretty much throwing money away this year. With moving into our own house and decorating my funds have took a massive hit. I want to save at least £500 to £1,000 each wage!

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