Cosmic ordering; the law of attraction.

Cosmic ordering is, simply, defined as an extreme form of positive thinking. As it stands, though, within the spiritual community their are numerous variations of defining what cosmic ordering is. It all boils down to positive thinking, either way. The phrase was first coined by Bärbel Mohr – who became wildly known for her books on the topic as well as holding lectures. Despite dying from cancer in 2010 there is still a staunch following of cosmic ordering which nowadays is often referred to as the law of attraction.

I’ve seen online a lot of people criticising the whole cosmic ordering ideology because Mohr, unfortunately, lost her battle with cancer. “why couldn’t she just positively wipe out the cancer with her mind?” Honestly these kind of questions are just ludicrous in nature. Being positive or not – a deadly disease is still deadly. It’s this kind of nonsensical thinking from pseudo intellectuals that stop others feeling like they can express themselves. I, for one, am a big believer and practicer in the law of attraction and credit this belief to the successes I have achieved. I’ll talk about there further on.

Ask. Believe. Receive.

This is the basic principle of cosmic ordering. It’s helpful to imagine you’re placing an order out into the universe; and more times than none you get what you ordered! When requesting something you have to completely believe that you deserve what you’re asking for. If doubts begin to creep up or you feel you are not deserving then this could slow down the process of your order being delivered!

Now this isn’t an entirely new thought process and it has been adapted by celebrities worldwide. One of the more notable celebrities is UK radio host and television presenter Noel Edmonds who commended cosmic ordering in him receiving the host position on deal or no deal. This happens to be a very minor celebrity but he has even included the law of attraction in one of his biographies.

Different ways of placing your order

A lot of people write it down, meditate, or even simply ask aloud.

I personally keep a journal, and have done since I was a pre-teen, to which I will write down my desires. Alongside this I will meditate but this is not directly related to my cosmic order; I just like to do it. When I’m meditating though it can be hard not to think about the things I want. The four biggest events that I credit cosmic ordering to are:

  • Gaining my first job as a mental health nurse after my graduation
  • Being accepted for a mortgage and buying our dream house
  • Successfully gaining a post in my current employment
  • Passing my degree and gaining my Bsc in mental health nursing

I sat and wrote my independent study and final essay for my degree in a matter of days and got extremely good marks on both because I had placed my order. For some reason after the order has been placed I felt overwhelmingly positive and didn’t feel the need to stress, because life was on my side!

As I drove to the interviews for the two positions I mentioned above I couldn’t stop smiling because all I thought was “there’s no need to be nervous because this job is already mine, why should I worry?” Within a matter of hours after interview, on both times, I received a phone call confirming that I was the successful candidate. Despite the overwhelming tranquility and positivity it didn’t stop me from working towards my goals. Never take a back seat just because of the order; but you’ll generally feel more confident and motivated to keep progressing towards your goals.

Even if you’re not a believer there is something eerily comforting about knowing everything will turn out okay. Despite there being no scientific proof behind the cosmic ordering or law of attraction the overwhelming positivity that you feel is indescribable. There’s no room for skepticism and you need to hold the belief strongly. It might mean something more or it might just be tricking your own mind into thinking positively – and if it works for me then it just might work for you!

The practice of cosmic ordering basically, if done with firm belief, gives the person placing the order a more positive and optimistic perception of their decisions and actions. I’ve recognised that tit reduces my level of anxiety and increases my confidence. Due to this confidence I act more reasonably towards my goal with the mindset that it’ll work out for me. Wether it be some cosmic energy or just some new age science way of improving your own confidence – it works!

I know a lot of people will scoff at the idea of cosmic ordering and think it’s some sort of airy-fairy garbage but it has had a genuine and surreal impact on my own life. I’ve been more motivated in weight loss, education, and work and I’m putting this down to cosmic ordering. The name may be silly but the results are real!

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