Life in the fat lane.


Today I’m going to be talking about the Ketogenic diet and how much improvement I’ve seen through maintaining a high fat / low carb diet, which also means no sugar.

What at is the ketogenic diet?

I receive numerous comments that the diet is unsustainable, dangerous, and the ever popular “that just can’t be good for you! You need to eat a balanced diet!”. Since I first discovered Keto about four years ago I wasn’t prepared to go into something that would do me harm, when my physical health is already pretty inadequate. So, like any normal person, I decided to do a lot of research on it first. Doctors have recommended the ketogenic diet for children with difficult to control epilepsy and diabetics. There have been many people with a diagnosis of diabetes who have managed to save the potential amputation of their limbs due to this diet, which is pretty amazing.

The diet works not only to lose weight but the difference you see both physically and mentally is outstanding. Generally you’re body uses carbohydrates as energy, while it stores the fat. While reducing your carbohydrate intake your body becomes a fat burning machine – because it’s the only thing left that it can use as energy. This is the basic gist of the ketogenic diet without getting too scientific.

There’s so many variations of the ketogenic diet which makes it so easy and adaptable for any kind of life style! I’m going to talk about the most common form of the ketogenic diet; aptly named the “standard ketogenic diet”. It focuses on the reduction of carbohydrates, similar to the beginning of the Atkins diet. Maintaining a carbohydrate intake of between 20grams – 50grams. Fat intake can vary with some people choosing to be around 200grams per day and with a moderate protein intake which, again, can vary.

my personal experience with Keto

I know reading about the ketogenic diet can be overwhelming; especially when there is a lot of scientific jargon associated with it, so I’m going to just talk about my own personal experiences with this particular way of eating and share the benefits that I have personally found through changing my eating habits.

Weight is something I have always struggled with throughout my entire life. I’ve been fat, obese, within a good range, and too thin. I always found it difficult to maintain my weight and to lose weight – but I’m really good at putting weight on! With the introduction to hormonal contraceptives and steroids for my lungs my weight just piled on and has been hard to shift ever since. It’s as though I had just woke up one day with this huge stomach. The weight went on so fast I now have the stretch marks of a woman who has had children because of how quickly it had went on. My mother was also concerned due to the speed of this weight gain she actually took me to the doctors! My weight is the one black cloud that hangs over me and seriously effects my confidence – but I have been working on it.

I first discovered the ketogenic diet when I was 22 and had excellent results on it. Unfortunately my motivation hindered and that was the end of my ketogenic journey. I’m now 25 and have been on and off Keto for around a year now and have had some promising results. Recently, though, I’ve become incredibly motivated in the weight loss aspect of Keto and have already lost 6.6lbs in just six days. I’ve been working out a lot more than my usual sedentary lifestyle too. Regardless of medication I feel like I can actually continue to drop the weight and become healthier.

But Kasey what do you actually eat?

I, personally, like to stay under 20grams of carbohydrates a day. It has been reasonably easy to maintain due to cutting out bread, rice, chocolate, sweets, and all that other nasty stuff. Alongside the usual I’ve also cut out fruit, generally high in carbohydrates due to the fructose sugar, and I no longer consume milk.

My diet includes cheese, a lot of it, the more the merrier! I’ve limited my actual daily calories to 1,880 so I restrict myself to two bulletproof coffees, a light lunch, before having dinner. Occasionally I’ll snack on yogurt and nuts, approach simply plain yogurt has little carbs in it. Here’s a quick run down of my macros during the day, you’ll see they vary.

Screenshots from my fitness pal


To wrap this post up I’m just going to make a quick list of the differences I’ve noticed in myself to give you all an idea of the true benefits of Keto, other than weight loss.

  • Less abdominal swelling / bloating – I’ve always had issues with bloating and after starting the ketogenic diet I’ve had no bloating or swelling in my stomach. It used to be uncomfortable to sit or bend. The bloating I contributed to the amount of white bread and stodgy carbohydrates.
  • More energy – Before Keto I had a fairly sedentary lifestyle. On my days off from work I would spend around 80% of my day stationary. Laying in my bed and watching television. With my newfound energy I’ve been more motivated to exercise – going for walks and doing workouts in the house.
  • Improved sleeping – I used to toss and turn for most of the night and probably gaining as little as 2 hours sleep a night. With Keto I’ve been sleeping more and have been getting 5+ hours a night! Plus with the added energy I’m awake earlier and more motivated to get moving early in the morning!
  • Mental clarity – When I consumed solely carbohydrates my motivation and interest had diminished. I lost interest or found it difficult to concentrate on a lot of things I once enjoyed. With the added mental clarity I feel my work life has improved and I’m able to focus on tasks easier.

This is is only a short list but I could honestly go on for ages about the benefits I’ve already reaped from becoming Keto adapted! There’s no need to abstain from treats like pizza because there is excellent Keto alternatives!

There’s a lot of people who create content based on the ketogenic diet. Two of my personal favourites being HeadbangersKitchen who we have recreated several recipes from, which never fail to impress! His videos are personable and not difficult in the slightest to follow! I strongly encourage you to visit his YouTube and recreate some delicious Keto meals yourself!

Keto Connect are another favourite. They’re informative about the ketogenic lifestyle and educate their following without the scientific jargon. It’s helped me understand Keto easier. Theyre the first channel I would recommend in order to learn more about Keto and I can guarantee they’ll have you hooked on content. From information, their own personal goals, challenges they’ve faced, and recipes. They have it all!


Fathead pizza, low carb pizza alternative.

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